Controls: Move with arrow keys. Jump with Z. If it's not working, be sure to click inside the window. Note: This game will load on mobile, but it can only be played on a desktop or laptop computer.

This is just a quick example I whipped up to show that anyone, yes anyone can make games. To be used during presentations for Global Game Jam Tulsa (coming January 20-22, 2017)! It ... has no win state. So you can never win. Just FYI. If you want to play again, you'll have to refresh the page.

This game was made using only free software, and it was made without writing a single line of code! It took less than an hour. Want to make a game just like it in about 30 minutes? Start here:

Tools used:

After you've made your game, sign up for Global Game Jam Tulsa at the link above! Or you can learn more about the event here:

UPDATE 1.1: The game now features sound, and the main character will die if it falls off the world, thus resetting the game. We believe the game is now feature complete :)