Controls: Launch ball with left click. Move paddle with the mouse. By hitting the ball with the extreme left or right side of the paddle, you can add a tiny bit of "spin" in that direction.

This game was built using Ben Tristem's Udemy course, Learn to Code by Making Games. It was built in Unity, using code taught by the course, with some additional code added by me. I created all of the art assets, music, and sound myself, using Pyxel Edit, Piskel, and BFXR. I did not create the font - it is called Brick.

Oh, and I used the Retrospecs iOS app to pixelate one of my personal photos. If you ever make it to level three, that ice cream covered boy is my son, Dexter.

Note: The "quit" button doesn't work, because this is web-based. The only way to quit is to close your browser tab :/

Beyond the basic functionality taught in the course, I personally added code to:

  • Enable the Cheat mode
  • Hide the mouse cursor during gameplay but not on menu screens (although this doesn't work in the web build)
  • Have the ball's velocity increase every 10 bounces
  • Alter the ball's trajectory if it ever becomes completely vertical or completely horizontal (or even comes close to either state)

This makes the game more interesting, and also keeps it from entering infinite (or excessively long) loops without hitting any blocks.

I would like to add the ability to shoot blocks with lasers. Players would build a laser charge per X number of blocks destroyed. I think this would help increase player engagement, and also prevent things from getting too boring (waiting for the perfect bounce to destroy the final block, etc).

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